about Alex

Starting as a Graphic Designer, Alex Rios was able to come to filmmaking a little differently than the traditional ways of his contemporaries.  He used his extensive knowledge of design in his approach to image composition and visual storytelling.

Being a huge Action Sports and Motorcycle fan its no surprise Alex began his career creating high impact action sports videos. This type of filmmaking challenged Alex’s improvisational skills and forced him to create explosive shots at a moments notice. Alex than began honing his skills as a filmmaker and cinematographer in Barcelona, Spain, where he focused on Digital Media, specializing in all Digital Cameras and Editing Software. Soon Alex moved to Los Angeles and began extensive training at NYFA, in all disciplines of filmmaking. He worked with an array of Digital Cameras as well as 16mm.

Because of Alex’s insatiable appetite for knowledge, he took the challenge personal in the Digital Film world. He focused to push the limits of the digital camera to accomplish a 35mm film-look and feel. He developed several techniques that transcend the digital medium to a 35mm-esqe quality.

Alex now has more than 30 short films and 3 feature films to his credit as both Director and Cinematographer; and an extensive variation of genres.  He truly understands shots and has a great knowledge of film semantics. He also has great experience as camera assistant and focus puller, working side to side with his brother Fran Rios for some important clients in advertising like Revlon, Royal Canin or Hugo Boss. He is fluent in spanish, french, english and catalan and understands italian and portuguese.

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Alex Rios next to Maurice Moore in the shooting of the film Sixufus in Hollywood, CA